Ed Thompson Inclusive Park

Ed Thompson Inclusive Park was developed through a partnership between the Forever Parks Foundation of Pearland, City of Pearland and Inclusion Matters by Shane's Inspiration.
$1.36 Million was raised between May 2021 and December 2022 through local, regional, state and national grants, sponsorships, donations, partnerships and events to make this dream come true.

Playground Location
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Spring Social Thank You Note

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Spring Social - Design Presentation 5/1/2021


Edgar Pacheco shares his support for an All-Inclusive Playground in Pearland

Financial Assistance

In 2019 the Foundation chose Financial Assistance as an area of great need due to its lack of consistent funding. As a result, the Foundation provided $5,000 as a means to kickstart the programs growth and the Foundation was ecstatic to see how much growth their contribution made. The Foundation funding supported membership access for over 30 individuals as well as 4 weeks of summer camp for a very deserving child in Pearland.

Completed Projects

Educational Pond

In partnership with the City of Pearland and the Rotary Club of Pearland, we  completed the development of the Educational Pond at the Delores Fenwick Nature Center in May 2020.   Take a look at the videos to the left to learn more about this exciting project.
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Cullen Ondracek

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